Terms and Conditions

It is agreed that 50% of the total amount of the accommodation cost is required to be paid by the GUEST
upfront to block and reserve the date. It is NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-CONVERTIBLE.

It is agreed that the GUEST should pay the remaining amount at least 24 hours prior to check-in to confirm
their booking.

It is agreed that any additional amenities and services acquired from outside sources not included in the
stipulation of this agreement, shall be charged of reasonable and computed fees for the use of venue
facilities, water and electricity as they may be applicable.

It is agreed upon that the GUEST is fully liable for the food and drinks brought along being fit for
consumption and absolves TEOFELY GARDENS from any claims by third parties.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Any outstanding fee incurred during an event but not included in the estimated cost must be paid and
settled in full at the end of the event. We only accept CASH and Credit Cards to pay off additional changes
on the day of the event. No balances are to carry over, past the days of the stay/event.

Any lost item of TEOFELY GARDENS like towels, linen, foot rug, etc. will be charged to the GUEST.

Should the GUEST wish to bring pets, only a maximum of (2) can be brought. Pets are not allowed inside
the room without permission from TEOFELY GARDENS. The GUEST should inform TEOFELY GARDENS
prior to booking should they want to bring pets. The GUEST shall be responsible for their pets and ensure
that all of them will not disturb other guests with their noise, litter, droppings, fur, lice, and smell.

Proper conduct is requested from all guests. TEOFELY GARDENS has the right to deny admission or evict
the GUEST and their GROUP found under the influence of illegal drugs or liquor; generally disrupting
peace and order at the resort, and/or engaging in unruly behavior.

We strictly prohibit SMOKING/DRINKING inside the room. There are designated areas for smoking and
drinking (The Kubo).

Our Swimming Pool requires strict use of proper swimming attire. We strongly recommend showering
before going for a swim for hygienic purposes. NO EATING and DRINKING by the pool. Minors should be
monitored at all times when in or around the swimming pool area. TEOFELY GARDENS is not liable for any
bodily injuries caused by neglect and/or breaking of the rules.

The GUEST must vacate their rooms and check-out by 12 noon. Should the GUEST wish to stay beyond the
check-out time, they must inform TEOFELY GARDENS prior to confirm if a room extension is possible and
pay an additional charge of Php 400.00 for Standard Rooms and Php 600.00 for Suite Villa, Duplex and Dorm per hour and pay immediately.

Both parties shall not be liable for failure to comply with this agreement due to force majeure including
but not limited to labor disputes, natural disaster, or other causes beyond the control of both parties.